The City of Mysteries

Dangerous Contracts

Who's working for who?

Something had startled Falmaris subconsciously causing her to wake from the light sleep she had succumbed to. Perched high amongst the makeshift wooden scaffolding, a common sight in this part of Bis, she had maintained a watch on the run down Drunken Martyr Tavern below well into the early hours of the morning before deciding to grab a few hours rest prior to daybreak. Her eyes quickly scanned her surroundings consciously avoiding any movement that would give away her waking. She drew a quiet breath immediately upon spotting the neatly wrapped package no more than a foot from where she now laid. Falmaris was no fool and quite adept at all things thievish having positioned herself here due to the inaccessible nature of the elevated scaffolding.The creaking timber supports would clearly raise an alarm if by chance someone managed creep up here during her vigil. She hadn’t heard a sound!

Hesitantly she reached forward and slid the leaf wrapped package closer whilst her eyes scanned the ledges and roof tops close by for signs of movement…she saw nothing. The packages were always the same, a large green exotic leaf wrapped around the outer and sealed neatly with nondescript twine. Inside a sheet of velum was folded around a pouch containing a part payment for the offered contract. The contract details and drop site for the completed task was always included but this time an added barb was scrawled on a small scarp of paper…likely a afterthought. “My poor sleepy headed, lead footed rogue friend” it simply read, another dig at her ability or perceived lack thereof.

This was the fifth such package she had received in the last few months and like all the others the just arrived seemingly out of thin air. She laid open the velum sheet and read the details. More information on a possible contact point for the individual she had been tracking and more importantly a time. Sighing to herself, feeling slightly vulnerable and embarrassed at the same time she settled in for further surveillance her mind abuzz with thoughts and plans.


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